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Introducing SetOps, the new way to easily deploy full-stack applications in your own AWS account. Deploy your stack within minutes to production with zero lock-in and minimal DevOps knowledge.

The development of SetOps initially started at Zweitag โ€“ an established technology consultancy and software development agency. Zweitag noticed that the time-to-market for software was often delayed by DevOps tasks โ€“ like setting up servers or databases. Based on this observation and to serve Zweitag's customers with the best hosting solution possible, SetOps was born and grew into a start-up over the last two years.

โ€œWe believe that launching digital products needs to be simple for every developer to focus on creating great products instead of struggling with DevOps tasks.โ€

Tobias Gรถrtz, Co-Founder SetOps


Building on top of the industry-proven infrastructure of AWS, SetOps leverage their products' high availability, robustness, and extensibility while keeping the complexity and effort it takes to manage low. With the creation of a fun-to-use CLI powerful enough to allow developers and DevOps alike to manage and deploy elaborate tech stacks, we built a product that our customer's developers looked out for but never found. Now, with the experience of running SetOps in production, we came up with a solution that proved to be so reliable and easy to use that we feel confident to release SetOps publicly.


๐Ÿš€ Introducing SetOps

In a nutshell, SetOps is a service to run applications in your own AWS account. Developers interact with the CLI to manage applications, services like databases or storage, and functionalities like monitoring, alerting, and many more.

SetOps CLI: Show information about your current configuration

SetOps is already used by Zweitag and other customers to deploy and run high traffic Ruby on Rails, Elixir, and Java applications. Therefore it already comes with a lot of features that are required to run these applications in production:ย 

  • worry-free (scalable, highly available, self-healing) container deployments
  • interactive (one-off) commands for debugging, migrations, DB queries, etc.
  • managed services as first-class citizens, like databases, volumes, and cloud storage
  • integrated service discovery for easy container linking
  • easily understandable permission concept that does not require a university degree
  • monitoring and alerting capabilities
  • backup and restore functionality for all services
  • ...and more

For detailed information, have a look at the documentation.


๐Ÿ† What makes SetOps a great fit?

DevOps experience & passion built-in

Managing public clouds, like AWS, is not easy. There are thousands of configuration options and at least that many pitfalls. For devs, it's tough to stay up-to-date on all the development in that area.ย 

Our team here at SetOps eats & breathes DevOps. With 55+ years of combined experience in that area, two years of developing and hardening SetOps at Zweitag, and continued investment, SetOps offers everyone extensive cloud and DevOps experience.

Enterprise-level infrastructure for small & big projects

Deploying an app to the cloud for a proof of concept can be easy. But deploying it for production use adds a lot of requirements:

  1. Secure by design:ย Using a hardened and opinionated platform like SetOps, built by a team specializing in setting up a secure hosting environment, you can be assured that security best practices are already included in the software. So, developers do not need to worry about security issues with the underlying platform and can focus on securing their applications. We utilize private VPCs, security groups, specific IAM roles โ€“ just to name a few.
  2. Reliable by design: All components in SetOps are designed in a self-healing way so that a component's failure is automatically detected and repaired. Waiting for operations to fix a broken server is a thing of the past.
  3. Durable by design: By using AWS storage solutions the right way, data on SetOps is always stored redundantly. Additionally, SetOps provides backup and restore tooling for the provided services. This allows for additional data safety and easy migration from and to SetOps.
  4. Observable by design: Logging, monitoring, and alerting are built-in. You do not need to set up any additional software to ensure that you are alerted and able to debug your application if something goes wrong.
  5. Compliant by design:ย SetOps will be fully GDPR and SOC2 compliant.โ€

Cost efficiency

A key goal of SetOps is to work very cost-efficiently. SetOps realizes it by combining multiple approaches:ย 

  1. SetOps provides shared resources like a PostgreSQL database which can be used by many applications. The more applications you run on SetOps, the more you can profit from shared resources. It also lets devs manage users, DBs, and extensions with a simple command.ย 
  2. Since SetOps runs in your own AWS account, you can take advantage of the AWS saving plans, which drastically reduce your cloud bill (up to ~70% compared to on-demand).ย 
  3. All configuration we build into SetOps is implemented with cost efficiency in mind. Sometimes we implement our own solutions on AWS when an AWS service is more expensive than a SetOps managed solution. This allows our customers to profit from our shared knowledge and pay less for AWS.

Easy to Use

Our goal is that devs can deploy their software without any operations knowledge. SetOps provides a resource definition schema to easily describe what kind of environment your app needs. This includes databases, services, and storage. You'll set this up once, and SetOps will take care of the heavy lifting. We provide an easy-to-use interface that software engineers will actually like to use.

No lock-in

SetOps manages all resources inside your own AWS account. That means SetOps is completely lock-in-free. If you ever decide to cancel SetOps, all apps and services will continue to work, and you can manage them yourself.

Easily extendable

Sinceย SetOps manages resources in your AWS account, you can extend SetOps by adding AWS resources on your own.

Easily scalable

We built SetOps with scalability in mind. It can host apps with just a few requests a day to hundreds of thousands of requests a day. All components, like load balancers, nodes, and DBs, are designed to be cost-efficient and scale up massively. This is a crucial difference to services like Heroku, which offers competitive pricing for low-scale apps but leads to high costs when scaled up.


๐Ÿ“ Sign up for our private beta waitlist

We are very excited to take the next step and bring SetOps to you and all developers around the world.

If you are interested in testing SetOps, join the private beta waitlist! We are looking forward to meeting you and hearing about your feedback.

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