Announcing SetOps Web - The Feature for UI-Lovers

Announcing SetOps Web - The Feature for UI-Lovers

Tobias Görtz
Tobias Görtz
Infrastructure management simplified to the essential with a web dashboard that lets you see projects, stages, apps and services. A whole new experience to manage your AWS infrastructure with ease 🚀

From the beginning, as we focused on building a thrilling CLI, we knew that SetOps needed a web version to be a complete tool to bring value to UI Lovers and power terminal users alike. The idea of having a clear overview of the essential infrastructure without having to touch the AWS Console at all was our primary goal.

With SetOps Web, we take a big step into making this a reality. Before we write more about it, here is a quick sneak peek of the main dashboard:

SetOps Web Screenshot - App overview
SetOps Web - App overview with its configuration and status

The Web Features

The first version of SetOps Web comes with a complete overview of your configuration and the state of your application:

  • Projects
  • Stages
  • Apps
  • Services (Databases, Stores, Volumes, Search Engine, Cache, etc.)

The configuration is still done via CLI; we will add more and more features to this dashboard soon.

Quick Starters - Sample Apps

The most remarkable new feature of SetOps Web are the sample apps: Deploy one of our predefined applications just within one click! That simple! It will take roughly around 2-3 Minutes, and you’ve deployed a fully functional application with its services, and you can directly access it via URL.

Check out the Demo now!

To get a complete overview of how SetOps Web would look like in combination with your AWS Account, you can visit our Demo at Do you want to sign up for a beta and test it with your AWS account? Sure! Just drop us your contact details in the form below 🙂

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