SetOps now has a Community Discord server open for all developers to join.

SetOps now has a Community Discord server open for all developers to join.

Arun Pariyar
Arun Pariyar
We invite you to join our discord community and be part of creating a must-have power tool that every developer needs to deploy cloud apps to AWS with ease.

SetOps is the must-have tool AWS developers need in the making. Our DevOps team understood early the pain of a delay in the time to market due to DevOps tasks and set out to find the best hosting solution possible, which was the inception of SetOps. Fast forward, and we have a complete solution that is managing infrastructure for +125 high traffic applications in production now at a private beta stage.

What we loved and enjoyed the most while building SetOps were the interactions we got to be part of with developers. The topics discussed reached beyond SetOps, covering issues such as containerization, tooling, and best practices for SRE/DevOps, to name a few. These interactions become an invaluable resource for the community and our core team

Here are some of our most recent interactions.

We have been fortunate to be part of these interactions where developers help each other, grow their skills, and set the bar for cloud and DevOps.

However, we saw that these interactions were scattered and internal. Thus, the idea behind our Discord server is to collect community interactions in one place and create a knowledge base that developers can benefit from.

We are starting fresh, so naturally, it will take a while to get everyone on board and get those conversations going, but we are sure it won't take long. It is, therefore, the perfect time for you to join to be with the community from the start.

Join us and we will see you on the other side.

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