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The cloud experience developers have waited for. Run containers, databases and more in your own AWS account within minutes. No Ops knowledge needed.
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Deploying with ease

Deploying with ease

We simplified everything into one intuitive CLI to make your deployment ease of mind. When you get your hands on our tool, you’ll know how to use it as a developer.
Security is key

Security is key

We provide a secure-by-default setup where all the dials have been turned to the proper position following industry best practices. After all, we are germans; who could take data protection more seriously?
Pay What you use

Pay what you use

No overpriced costs. You pay your infrastructure directly to AWS. We scale reliable & cost-efficient for you! No need to change the platform when you grow.
No Lock-In

No lock-in

We don't make you buy into one platform you can never leave. It is your AWS account – your infrastructure. SetOps is a tool to manage your account.

Production Ready for High Standards

SetOps Managed Services

Managed Services

S3 Object Storage
MySQL ⚙️  (in progress)
Static Site Hosting ⚙️  (in progress)
...coming soon!
SetOps Highlights


Fully automated TLS
Custom Domains
Multi-Zone Deployment (HA)
Notifications & Alerts
Scheduled Backups
Interactive Debugging
Secure by Design
Supported cloud providers

Cloud Providers

Amazon Web Services
Google Cloud Platform
...coming in future!
SetOps Benefits


In your own cloud account
Container Images
No DevOps needed
CLI for maximum productivity and continuous integration (CI)
Easy Web Interface

Build your Container


Deploy with your CI or the SetOps CLI


Manage with SetOps

BYOC = Bring Your Own Container
If your app is containerized already, you can  start using SetOps directly. We're compatible with every language and framework. If not, we provide you with best practices and tools to help you build your containers.

Production-ready with less DevOps

Building and integrating a fully operational deployment platform on AWS usually takes months for an experienced team of DevOps.  SetOps is your infrastructure but without the engineers. You no longer need experts to build everything from scratch. You don’t want access to the cloud console, but how about a CLI that is easy to use and only provides you with the really important stuff? That’s what we call productivity.

You are probably thinking...

If you have any further questions:
Get in touch with us!

SetOps makes certain assumptions about how apps and the infrastructure are laid out. This enables us to build abstractions, hiding complex tasks behind a fun and easy-to-use tool.

However, AWS also realized the industry's need for easy-to-use container deployments. Tools like AWS Copilot are a step in this direction. But, their focus is narrower, and their infrastructure setup does not scale cost-efficiently. Most importantly, it is a hard lock-in into the AWS ecosystem. In contrast to SetOps, AWS provides a versatile platform for a very high number of use cases – they can't make these kinds of assumptions for the entire platform.

Yes, you can! Any language or application which runs in Docker containers on Linux can be deployed. As for databases, we currently support the most popular ones natively, such as PostgreSQL, Elasticsearch, and MongoDB. We will add more ones based on customer demand.

Do you have a feature request? Let us know!

We get asked this a lot – and for good reasons. Heroku provides developers with a superb user experience. But in contrast to them, we are not a public hosting platform, and you retain full control over your data in your AWS account.

Besides that, another SetOps USP is cost-efficiency. When your apps become popular with your customers, you will eventually need to scale. On Heroku, this can be somewhat expensive. You will rather take the pill and pay them instead of looking for another solution at peak demand when the time comes.Our framework is cost-efficient at every scale and configures the cloud to best support your use case at any time

That's not the right question, in our opinion. Kubernetes is a clustered container deployment platform, and it has become a very popular ecosystem in recent years. However, Kubernetes is just one of the building blocks for easy and secure app deployment. It is not a one-shot answer for day two operations such as reliable databases, load balancing, backups, certificates, and data security. Even worse, its complexity usually outpaces even the most talented software engineers without a DevOps specialization. With SetOps, you don't need to care how we run containers – you'll profit from the sensible choices and long hours our infrastructure experts spent to make sure it runs well.

SetOps - Cloud deployment made for developers | Product Hunt

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We are a DevOps and software engineers team and have developed SetOps for two years now. Our drive is the pain we had as a digital product agency to deploy apps in the cloud.
Our day job was technology consulting and custom software development for external clients. They always asked us for hosting solutions, and we developed them. But each solution could only scale with more DevOps experts - so we know the pain that a lack of DevOps resources can cause. That’s precisely what SetOps solves.